#GhazwaEhind was the battle between Ahmed Shah Abdali and Marathas where thousands of Hindus died. It was the only largest battle between Muslims Vs Hindus.

Anyone who refers to Ghazwa-e-hind as the battle between Pakistan and India is either ignorant of History of Hind or definition of Hindus and Muslims.

Both Indian and Pakistan army consists of mix ethnicities. None of them is pure Hindu or pure Muslim. Plus Pakistan and Bangladesh itself were called Hind 70 years ago. Hind is now divided into three different countries.

There exists no Hind today but 3 divided groups. So the idea of a war with Hind already happened before Hind was broken down to 3.

If Muslims still believe there will be Ghazwa-e-Hind than there could only be one possibility:

An external pure Muslim army waging war against Indo-Pak-Bangladesh combined! If that sounds silly than also stop this nonsense of a war between India and Pakistan as Ghawa Hind.

We must not use religion for our nationalist wildest dreams.

Source: M. Mustafa Ahmedzia

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