Immorally Produced Covid-19 Vaccines

  • Catholics in Dilemma Over Immorally Produced Covid-19 Vaccines.

According to TRT World ‘Immorally produced’ Covid-19 vaccines that may hit the market very soon.

Two of the well known bishops have claimed that ‘cells from aborted foetuses’ are used to develop these vaccines.

They have urged the church members to refuse the corona virus vaccine on ethical grounds.

Bishops Joseph Brennan [Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno]

“We all want health for ourselves and for others but never at the expenses of the life of another.”

Question have also been raises: by Bishop Joseph Strickland.

Bishop J.Strickland

But the US Conference of Catholic Bishops has dismissed this ‘confusion‘ in an internal memo.

They say that at least two of the vaccines are ethnically sound.

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The memo also stated, “church teaching allows for even the widespread of use of vaccines whose origins are considered ethically unsound when other treatments are unavailable.”

Experts have also rejected the misinformation regarding the Corona virus vaccines, saying that neither the Pfizer nor the Moderna Vaccine involved the use of aborted stem cells.

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