Pakistan’s Monetary Policy Regarding Digital and Crypto Currencies

As for as the current situation of the world is concerned. soon we will be facing the monetary system transformation to digital or crypto currencies.

Currently crypto currencies are banned in Pakistan but according to M. Mustafa, He says, “In mid 2021 Raza baqir the state bank governor will make a press conference that will change everything around Pakistan’s monetary policy.

He further added, “But before that Lockdowns and school closings is a Must.

Why is That For?

CRYPTO technology will be given the faster to a country by UniCorp here Fintech. if the establishment does an awesome job with Lockdowns and pushing the need for a digital eco system.

Everything is happening as planned and scripted 20 years ago. It is the execution phase.

May be soon Pakistan will unban crypto currencies in 2021, Covid-19 is taking entire world to digital currency changing the current paper currency or monetary system to digital.

There are many countries introducing new laws to bring digital currency and absolutely demolish paper currency system in coming years.

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