Israeli Sends Message To Imran Khan

Hananya Naftali recently uploaded a video on his Facebook page. Titled, “Israeli Sends Message to Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan”.

He says in his videos, “want to hear a joke?” Pakistan one of the greatest sponsors of terrorism in the world, refuses to recognize the fact that Israel exists.

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In every Pakistani passport. It says, “This passport is valid for all countries of the world except Israel”.

He also added, “Well, I have got news for Imran Khan The Prime Minister of Pakistan, We don’t ask for your recognition to exist, in a same way moon doesn’t need your recognition in order to exist and shine.

You can either recognize Israel or continue to live under a rock.

Watch Video Here

Don’t forget to check out comments on his video on Facebook, there are different funny comments and his video has the highest numbers of funny reactions.

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