A Girl Who Was Raped By Her Own Brother in Law

  • A girl who was blackmailed and than raped by her very own brother in Law.

Asim Naveed said in his post, I know a girl who was raped by her own brother-in-law, and maybe that guy intends to do it again and again. But unfortunately the girl who is being abused cannot tell anyone in the house even if she wants to, for fear that her sister’s life will be ruined.

Look at the whole story, Victim says a year after my sister’s marriage I found out my brother-in-law was interested in me but he got married to my sister. Her brother-in-law texted her and said, “I’m interested in you. I can’t marry you, but I want to have sexual relationship with you.”

The girl became very angry and denied, and after a long fight, she blocked her brother-in-law. She stopped going to her sister’s house. Whenever her brother-in-law came home, she would not leave her room.

Days went by and she kept ignoring it all, she says her brother-in-law lives well with her sister. He remains very noble in front of her family.

Then one day her brother-in-law threatened to leave her sister, saying that if you did not have sex with me, I would divorce your sister. The girl says I was terrified, because my sister has a little daughter and I couldn’t see her being humiliated like that.

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She wanted to tell her family what she was going through, but whenever she tried to tell, her sister’s happiness came to mind and she ignored it.

She has sacrificed herself for the happiness of her sister, just as every daughter has always sacrificed her love and happiness for the honor and dignity of her parents.

One day the brother-in-law saw that no one is at home and took the opportunity to forcibly rape the girl. The girl had tried to save herself but fell into his trap, and she fell victim to his lust. Ahh!

As the days passed and the girl withdrew from everything, the fears inside her had made her unaware of herself. But her brother-in-law still had no intention of leaving her.

He saw that the girl was no longer in his hands, so he sent his younger brother’s proposal to her parents. If the girl is in my house then I will do whatever I want and no one will question me anything. But the girl knew why he was doing this, when she heard that she did not want to get married there, she told her parents to deny this proposal.

When her parents forbade, her brother-in-law told her parents that she forced me to send this proposal for his brother. In this way, he humiliated the girl in front of her own family in another way.

And most importantly, he is a close member of the family. “wo kehty hein na ghairon ke muqablay mein apna maar kar phenkay tu chaoon par phenkta hai, arey bhaee jab maar kar phenkna he hai tu kahan ka apna hoa? Chaon par phenkay yaa dhop par, kia farq parta hai”.

There is a lot of disturbance in our society. In some places children sacrifice their happiness for the honor and happiness of their parents, and in others they sacrifice themselves to save such relationships in their family.

I believe that no one should spoil their happiness by making such sacrifices. When we do something for others, they forget it, but we have to endure the pain of a lifetime.

Remember we are not born to save others by sacrificing ourselves every time. If a relationship breaks down today, let it break, the whole life will be saved from breaking up.

In a house where there is such a disturbance even in armor, the character of the girl is discussed, getting married there is no less than foolishness. May Allah grant every human being the courage and perseverance to stand up for his happiness and rights. Aameen

Never sacrifice yourself for others, remember, never.

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