Google AdSense Payment Delay Issue of November 2018

Dear friends I know most of you working online as a blogger, content creator, working as an android app developer and your earning depends on google AdSense.

Most of you are doing it for your pocket money, for your family as well and you are waiting for your AdSense payment too. But due to delay in payments you are very confused and depressed at the same time as well and wanted to know about the issue as well. If so, then you have come to the right place.

Usually the payment of google AdSense comes on 21 each month and if you are getting to for the first time than the excitement would be much bigger. Most of you might be thinking about the update or anything changed like the dates for the payments and many more other concepts comes into a people mind.

Without further delay let me talk about the main issue:

Stay calm and be patient as there are no changes or update implemented on billing cycle. Sometimes issue happens in the bigger firms too. Some technical issues happened in google Asia pacific center.

A google Asia pacific center is the place through which payments are send to Asia. The issues are resolved too but the payment have not sent to the users.

Some of the main reason of not sending payment is due to the festivals of Black Friday, the knowledge all I got from google forum is I am providing to you.

And due to black Friday, Saturday and Sunday is the day google don’t send payments and it is also expected that you get your email from google AdSense on today Monday 24th November.

After the email it might take 2 to 3 days for your payments so the expected date of your payments might be 27th or 28th and may be exceeds. At last don’t be depressed and confused you will receive it any cost for sure.

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