Tristate College of Acupuncture

Tristate is one of the few best acupuncture colleges in America serving to the students from across the America. Almost 1000 students are graduated from the college and serving as the best acupuncturists.

The best thing about the college is that they teaches the students about the old traditional Chinese method with modern approach into the course.

One of the few amazing thing about the college is that they starts the practical work within the first week of admission. The students start the actual learning from the first week of their enrollment. The practical were perform in their own clinics. As the name of clinic comes here let me tell you that the college with the collaboration of community health centers and hospitals are providing a higher charge sessions in cheap rates for the less privilege population.

The professionals along with the students help the community with acupuncture sessions and medicines. This help the students with a professional practice and confidence too.

What are the degrees they are offering?

The college offers the following degrees:

  1. Masters of Science in Acupuncture.
  2. Master of Science in Oriental Medicine.
  3. Master of Science in Chinese Herbology certificate program.

They are following different styles of acupuncture in the degrees including:

  1. Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  2. Acupuncture Physical Medicine.
  3. Kiki Mastumoto style (Japenese style).

The following styles acupuncture degrees are of three years.

They enroll less students in the college because the theory of giving admissions is to give individual priority to each student with full attention of experienced acupuncturists.

Is the college is accredited?

Yes, the graduates of the college are fully eligible for acupuncturing licensure in New York. They also get the licensure of other states too.

What makes this college better?

Because of the hands on practice from 1st week. The amount of value to each students individually and practical work from day 1 make this college better. Because you will get a lot of information from 1st week under the roof with a lot of professional acupuncturists.


What is the address of tri state college of acupuncture?

80 8th Ave suite 400, New York, NY 10011, USA.

Phone: +1 212-242-2255.

What are the services for students?

They facilitate the students with financial and aid programs. They are also accepting international students as well. There is also an online student resource for students, you can study online materials on the university site. A full guide for the students regarding admission, open house and much more.

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