Top Nursing Colleges in Texas

Nursing is one of the good and important works in the society. There are a lot of opportunity and competition in this world. Having a good degree in Nursing can push you toward a great life style and position. All of these things can be achieve if you know about which college in Texas become worthy for your future position.

I am mentioning some of the most professional institute of nursing. So, you can enroll yourself if you are thinking about long term success in this profession.

School of Nursing | The university of Texas at Austin:

The university Organized in 1968 as the part of University of Texas system school of nursing and later in 1969 it became a four year undergraduate program in nursing and instituted a three semester graduate program that leads a student to master’s program.

The school of nursing also offers financial aid to the students as well. The school offers the following 4 degree programs including BSN, MSN, DNP and phd.

The baccalaureate degree in nursing and the master’s degree in nursing are accredited by the CCNE. According to U.S world and news report it is the 23rd best nursing college in masters. The admission rate of the school is 40% and the tuition fees is more than $25,000.


Baylor University | Louise Herrington School of Nursing:

The university was founded in 1909 for giving a diploma program with Baylor hospital in Dallas, which is now known as Baylor University Medical Center.

 In 1950, it became one of the six degree granting schools of Baylor University. The school has a facility of computer labs that is open full time a day and week. The latest multi-media is implemented in the classrooms including Video presentations, conferencing, quite study lounges etc.

The online program is also available for the students in the school. Ranked as the top ten nursing program in Texas.

According to U.S news and world report, the DNP ranked as 45th, Masters 58th, Midwifery 10th in U.S this year. The online program was ranked on 39th number in U.S.

The school is accredited by ACME for midwifery education. CCNE accreditation on the following program including baccalaureate degree program, master’s degree program in nursing, and Doctor of nursing practice program.

The school admission rate is around 40% and the tuition fees is more than $60,000.


Texas Christian University | Harris College of Nursing and Health Science:

It is a private Christian based co-educational university in Fort Worth, Texas. The university was established in 1873. The motto of the university is “Learning is power” or “Education is opportunity”.

The college started its services on 1946 and the history of the college is very rich in terms of nursing practice, health care and educational settings. The students are trained here for professional roles including Clinical and generalist practice, teaching or further study in graduate programs. The main vision of the college is to transform global health.

The mission of the college is to provide quality education of nursing through dynamic curriculum that will be adaptable for local and global communities.

The school is providing undergraduate nursing program, graduate degree program including MSN clinical, MSN-CNS, MSN, DNP-CNS, DNP-FNP, DNP-AGACNP, DNP and certification in BSN to DNP and nursing education.

The admission rate of the school is 38% and the tuition fees is more than $62,000.


Texas A&M university | college of Nursing:

In 2008, the school of nursing was approved for the baccalaureate nursing education by both the Texas higher Education coordinating board and the Texas board of nursing.

After that many of the milestones the college achieved for different nursing program including Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, the baccalaureate degree program, MSN and PhD nursing programs for the students.

The nursing program is partially accredited of the college including baccalaureate and master’s degree program in nursing at Texas A&M university are accredited by the CCNE and the master’s program is also accredited.

The admission of the school is around 66% and the tuition fees is more than $27,000.


University of Texas Arlington | College of Nursing and Health Innovation:

The college of nursing was established in 1890 as the John Sealy Hospital Training School of nurses.

The baccalaureate, masters and DNP program in the college are accredited by the CCNE.

If you are committed to the nursing and have a passion about it then this college is best for you as the vision of the college is to provide innovative, exceptional education, research and practice opportunities for the students like you.

The college is also famous for producing largest baccalaureate educated nurses in the state. On national level the college is not-for-profit College of nursing with around 17,000 online and in-person students. There are two academic departments, the department of undergraduate nursing and the department of graduate nursing.

The admission rate of the school is 61% and the tuition fees is more than $24,000.

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