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What will be the Preparation of Pakistan against Data Breach?

A few days back one of the biggest cyberattacks happened on a Pakistan bank. Almost 2.6 million rupees were taken from bank Islami Debit cards.

There are also news’s regarding the data of all bank of Pakistan is hacked but the State bank of Pakistan denied this news and confirmed that the only data that is hacked from Bank Islamic. There is also a rumor about security issue as well for the user’s data as the hackers threatening continuously to the consumer financial institutions.

In the previous month popular social account like Facebook and Twitter also aware the user’s as well to keep their professional data safe that they provided on the social accounts. That was really a fear experience for the users.

There are many servers globally on which people use to put data about his/her country and organization they are working on. The people also used it for communication too, the most awful thing is that these servers are also struggling on data security. It can be a major problem for a country if the data of the peoples leaks continuously.

There are different regions of the world who are aware of this problem. Europe was the first for taking a corrective measure. According to the rules Europe, their Data protection regulation put a rule against Google and Microsoft not to store data of the Europeans outside of Europe. There are more countries too who are aware of this and implementing things to protect the data.

Pakistan is no doubt still not interested to protect the data of the citizens and to protect the country.

It is also seen that major personalities are still using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and other mail servers and if talking about the bigger companies they are also using the same email services. Sharing the details and communicate with other using other servers is so alarming for their data.

The world of technology and other continuous changes Pakistan is still using the older approach.

The first entity that has to be aware of this threat is the State Bank of Pakistan. They allocated some prohibition to the partner banks about the use of international servers as it can cause a heavy loss in terms of data, but the banks violated the regulations and, in a result, a big amount of loss in face of Bank Islami has happened.

No one is serious about the protection of Pakistan. Even the new government has to be aware of this situation. It’s not the old days when people fight with sword and come along with the team to attack. The world is changing and if you have no cyber security and control on the local’s data then you are worse country.

The enemies are now attacking not by bombardment or missile but they fetch the important data of any country and finishes them. Before any delay, the government must have to consider this issue very seriously.

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