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Huawei’s Hongmeng OS Could Launch This Week

A Brand new report claims that Huawei is going to launch his Operating system Hongmen OS this week.

A report from media of china claims that Huawei’s many named OS (Hongmeng, ARK, Oak, etc.) would be revealed this week on the company’s developer conference taking place on 9 of August 2019.

The OS has supposedly been in development since 2012 but only freshly started receiving hype as tensions were rising due to the United State ban on Huawei.

The Recent report says that HongMengOS is constructed to work with many varieties of form factors,

Announcing that the Huawei plans to go all out on Featuring the HongMengOS for Mobile, Tablets and even Huawei’s Notebook.

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It is said that the brand new HongMengOS is based on a certain Microkernel so OS can “better accommodate artificial intelligence and can run on multiple platforms.”

The Executives of Huawei’s claim that the HonMengOS is mainly designed for IoT devices, and will be appearing on Smart TVs First.

The Chinese Report Also says that “A HongMeng OS smartphone is in the works and is already being tested. It will target the mid-range segment with a starting price of $288.

Rumor has it that the device will debut alongside the Huawei Mate 30 Pro later this year with a release date somewhere in the fourth quarter.”

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