INDIA: The Gathering in India Were Willingly Allowed

  • INDIA: The gatherings in India were willingly allowed because the world needed a new trigger and excuse for strict lockdown and forced vaccination.

More such public gatherings especially religious will be used to spread this man-made strain of Covid19 via food and water.

The deaths in India are less than what they had Planned. This is a Evil script.

POLIO episode will repeat in Pakistan, they will soon be at your doors with guns to force you towards vaccination and Digital IDs.

Those living away from cities, deep down villages will escape it in coming months.

It’s not the vaccine that is dangerous but the Tag registration people are opting for. All those registered will have their financial liberty under surveillance the first.

It’s not a Pandemic but an organised script to force you to digital tagging and ultimately getting everyone ON-CHAIN via CBDCs DIGITAL CURRENCIES.

The moment they vaccinate any member of your family, your entire family structure will soon be on BLOCKCHAIN and all other members will be tracked, vaccinated through B-Form and ultimately the entire family will get ON-CHAIN once CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCIES are announced.

It’s economic war of the Evil Elite over financial Liberty. No scholar or doctor can understand it except one who studies eschatology.

When it comes to microchip and vaccines, an Engineer and Doctor knows as much as the WHO or CHIP Manufacturer manual tells.

My sympathies with those in India who were attacked during their religious ceremony via this new death Tool that we call a biological weapon.

None can understand this Evil plot unless he jumps out of his comfort mental zone and the fantasy world he lives in. This world is controlled by Evil in lambs Clothing.

Credit: M. Mustafa

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