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Most IT Pros Fear AI-Powered Attacks

Around 80% of the security professionals who are well known to the prospect of attackers which are using the artificial intelligence (AI) against their organization, according to a recent search found from the Neustar.

The global information servers provider which polled 301 IT and security professionals across the EMEA and the US to compile its latest International Cyber Benchmarks Index.

This found that around 87% of the respondents who agreed that the AI would really be helpful to improve the cyber defenses, an exact number (82%) which claimed to be very nervous about the prospect of it being used by black hats against them in the coming days.

Some of which around 60% who claimed to be apprehensive about using AI technology into their organization at all, citing “security reasons.”

The respondents who feared the prospect of stolen data (50%) which is resulting from the attackws most of all, although loss of the customer trusts (19 percent), unstable business performance (16 percent) and extra costs (16%) all figured highly.

One of the research with Webroot Study found at the last of December which stated that around 87% of the US cybersecurity professionals who are currently using the AI to help defend their organization, but 91% of these IT Pros are feared the impact of its use by the attackers.

Neustar SVP, Rodney Joffe, who claimed that the security industry is at a “crossroads” with AI.

“Organizations known the benefits, but they are also aware that today’s attackers have unique capabilities to cause destruction with that same technology. As a result, they have come to a point where they are unsure if AI is a friend or foe,” he said.

“What we do know is that the IT leaders are confident in AI’s ability to make a significant difference in their defenses. So what’s needed is for security teams to prioritize education around AI, not only to ensure that the most efficient security strategies have been implemented, but to give organizations the opportunity to embrace—and not fear—this technology.”

The US IT pros who found in August that a very disappointing truth that around 75% who believe Ai is a ‘silver bullet’ to help them tackle online threats.

NTT Security EMEA SVP, Kai Grunwitz, has listed some of the ways AI could be used in the wrong hands here.

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