Mustafa Response To Bol News Childish Article

  • Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai Response to Bol News Childish Article.

People unknown with global monetary politics and dynamics, are tagging me in Waqar Zaka post and his influenced blog post on a Bol Tv News Blog which looks like a writer who hardly understands cryptocurrencies and have tried hard giving an impression that State Level decisions are now taken thanks to Waqar zaka attempts.

If KP govt is acting because some influencer asked for unbanning cryptos in Pakistan then it equals like saying IMF has decided to change its monetary policy for Pakistan because Waqar zaka and his gang of teenagers started a viral trend!

For God sake grow up and stop taking credits for things which are not only beyond the capacity of an individual but even the STATE itself cant adopt a technology beyond its capability unless the CAPITALISTS who control GLOBAL economy orders third world economies for a new MONETARY RESET PROGRAM.

I challenged waqar zaka for an open Mic debate in any university of Karachi two years ago but he quitted the debate offer along with Noman Chaudhry and in the end tried hard to make me part of his team which I denied.

If you really want to know why bills are passed for pushing digital currencies in Pakistan then read the first chapter of my research that explicitly mentions 2020 as the YEAR OF EXECUTION.

Unlike waqar zaka I need no credits and recognition because my fight is far beyond it and it’s against the FILTHY ELITE BANKING DYNASTIES aka Illumicorp or UniCorp. is indeed scam and fraud and a perfect example of an exit scam. The founder of this cryptocurrency, Waqar Zaka, has literally no technical knowledge about the fundamentals of blockchain technology and has hired inexperienced developers, by putting investors money at a huge risk.

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