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Quora Hacked: 100 Million Users Data Stolen

When it comes to questions and answers online Quora is the only website came into each person’s mind. But Quora in recent day suffered a massive data Breach. Some of the unknown hackers acquire the unauthorized access and get entered to the sensitive personal information of around 100 million of the users.

It was also confirmed by the Quora team that the situation happened on late Monday when the team realized on the last Friday that some unrecognized malicious third-party managed to gain unauthorized access and stolen around 100 million user private data from it.

Well the founder and of Quora mentioned some of the important data breaches including.

Account information

Public content and non-public content.

Well the account information contains the user passwords, email address, the account that linked to Quora like one of the famous social media sites including Facebook and twitter.

Quora somehow also mentioned that they only stores hashed or the kind of password that a person can not crack easily. But for the safety they forcing the users to reset their password as a precaution.

Quora also mentioned that they are investigating the situation and planning to work better on them so same issues cannot be happen.

It is one of the biggest data breaches I think happened in this year.

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