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The PsTools Suite

PsTools Suite: Standing tall next to our other tools is a suite of Microsoft tools designed to extract various kinds of information and perform other tasks involving a system. The tools in the PsTools suite allow you to manage remote systems as well as the local system.

NOTE: You can download the PsTools suite for free from Microsoft at https://technet.microsoft .com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896649.aspx.

The tools included in the suite, downloadable as a package, are as follows:

PsExec: Executes processes remotely.

PsFile: Displays files opened remotely.

PsGetSid: Displays the SID of a computer or a user.

PsInfo: Lists information about a system.

PsPing: Measures network performance.

PsKill: Kills processes by name or process ID.

PsList: Lists detailed information about processes.

PsLoggedOn: Lets you see who’s logged on locally and via resource sharing (full source is included).

PsLogList: Dumps event log records.

PsPasswd: Change account passwords.

PsService: Views and controls services.

PsShutdown: Shuts down and optionally reboots a computer.

PsSuspend: Suspends process.

PsUptime: Shows you how long a system has been running since its reboot (PsUptime’s functionality has been incorporated into PsInfo).  

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