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The Security of HTML5 May Not Live Longer

Security of HTML5 May Not Live Up to Promise: Once the security risks in the plugins like Adobe Flash, HTML5 enables malware attacks, and The Media Trust is reporting the incident that they have discovered the numerous malware in HyperText Markup Language.

In a blog posted today, The Media Trust wrote, The malware, which has produced at least 21 separate incidents affecting dozens of globally recognized digital media publishers and at least 15 ad networks, which uses JavaScript commands in order to hide within HTML5 creative and avoid detection.

The Scale of the infection marks a turning point for HTML5’s presumed security and demonstrates the advanced malware developers have made in exploiting the open standards basic functionality to launch their attack.”

The HTML5 has served many and more secure alternatives to the Flash plugin.

In 2015, when the Adobe Flash was identified as the greatest security risk facing the companies and individuals, and then HTML5 was adopted.

In fact, over the last five years, the developers along with the publishers and browser provider, has a large variety of turn off from Flash technology and switched to HTML5, which seems to greater security and more advanced web features.

The researchers have discovered the HTML5 malware earlier, but these instances are different because they require no victim interaction.

They are basically targeting the devices which have problems detecting the malware.

This HTML5 malware was designed to compel victim/user to enter his/her information in the pop-up ads.

This campaign is growing so quickly around the world, where they are waiting for the right victim to gather Personal identifiable information.

It is also said that no antivirus solutions has yet been able to stop those earlier HTML5 malware.

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