Pakistani Innovators Launch WeRead App to Provide Free Books

Everyone has School, College, and University day’s books but no one readout and they have been lying around, gathering dust in their houses. 

However, In our country, there are many students who are facing a struggle to afford books.

Mr. Zainulabadin Mughal and Muhammad Sharjeel two young talented Pakistani innovators,

They have recently launched an application after which no student could ever have to worry about buying an expensive coursebook.

Find, Share the books you love on WeRead!

The application WeRead is an attractive platform where the end-user can find out books similar to virtually and every category.

You can find out Academic textbooks on various subjects such as Science, History, Mathematics, and Literature to novels, Comics, and Music.

The Application WeRead is very fantastic book-sharing platform where anyone can either put his/her unused books up for donation or sale in very normal prices.

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The best thing in this WeRead app is, Users can directly search for Books they want and connect with the donor and seller to receive the book.

Suppose if you are going to donate or share a book in WeRead app, Simply you are recommended to log in to WeRead and add your book in the respective category in App.

How to Find Books in WeRead App?

If you are going to create your account on the Application, First you will be asked to identify the categories of books.

If you have selected categories successfully, now you will be able to search for books on the app.

The search can be carried out both through the author’s name or the name of the book itself.

Search on the App

After clicking on the “Search” button, you will be able to see a list of those who are willing to donate or sell books on the screen.

The list of individuals in possession of the book that you are looking will be sorted according to the distance that they are from you.

Through this way, you will be able to know how far a given book-owner is from your location and then accordingly coordinate with the nearest individual to get that book as soon as possible.


Muhammad Zainulabadin Mughal and Sheikh Muhammad Sharjeel Added:

“Our motivation to launch this app came from Donalyn Miller, who once said, ‘You are not done with a book until you pass it on to another reader.’”

You will be able to download this WeRead App on both Operating System Android and iOS.

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