A Complete Guide To WHOis, How To Find Domain Details And And Whois in Linux Terminal A very simple but effective means for collecting additional information about our target is Whois. The Whois service allows us to access specific information  about our target including the IP addresses or host names of the company’s Domain Name Systems (DNS) servers and contact information which usually contains an address and a phone number.

Whois is build into the Linux OS. The simplest way to use this service is to open a terminal and enter the following command:

Whois target_domain

For example, to find out the information about Techytalk, we would issue the following command: whois

It is important to record all the information and pay special attention to the DNS servers. If the DNS servers are listed by name only, You can also use a web browser to search Whois. By navigating to OR, you can search for your target in the “WHOIS Lookup” box. As shown Below.

When available, we can conduct a further Whois search by following the link provided in the “Referral URL:” field. You may have to search the web pages for a link to their whois service. By using Safename’s whois service, we can extract a significantly large amount of information from those websites too.


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