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Working with Email

Working with Email: Email is one of the tools that a business relies on today to get its mission done. Without email many businesses would have serious trouble functioning in anything approaching a normal manner.

The contents of email are staggering and can be extremely valuable to an attacker looking for more inside information. For pentester or an attacker, plenty of tools exists on work with email.

One tool that is very useful for this purpose is PoliteMail (, which is designed to create and track email communications from within Microsoft Outlook.

This utility can prove incredibly useful if you can obtain a list of email addresses from the target organization.

Once you have such a list, you can then send an email to the list that contains a malicious link. When the email is opened, PoliteMail will inform you of the event for each individual.

Another utility worth mentioning is WhoReadMe (

This application lets you track emails and also provide information such as operating system, browser type, and ActiveX controls installed on the system.

NOTE: Don’t forget that by searching discussion groups and other resources on Google you may very well find emails posted that an also yield useful information.


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