Year 2050 of Pakistan

What Qasim Hussain Thinks of Pakistanis on the Year of 2050.

Our Progress in IT and World

  • Zero Innovation
  • Zero Self Build Programs
  • Zero Self Depended Programs
  • Zero Following on Latest Trends of Technology And SAAS Models
  • Domain Lelio
  • Hosting Lelio
  • Freelancing Karalio
  • Amazon Affiliate Banwa Lio
  • Sasta PayPal
  • FBA Course 120 Rupees
  • IDM Cracked 2o Rupees
  • Windows Karalio, MAC Kara Lio 100 Rupees Each
  • SEO Karalio
  • Digital Marketing Karalio
  • BST Offer Instant Joining Link

Even Pakistani Startups Who Succeed in WEST Aren’t Interested to Collaborate in Their Own Country, Still They Want to Use Pakistani Resources to Make Money in West.

  • No Leadership
  • No Direction

All the Money and Business Making Models are Based on Tricks and Carding Affiliate Hacking and Abusing is Being Educated.

Courses Business on Peak With Zero Real Education Behind It. People Who Are Supporting and Educating are Not Being Supported.

Well, This Post is Not to Degrade or Make Fun of Anyone but To be Very Honest, We Have Everything We Need to Excel But Our Leaders and Fake People Are Making The Entire Nation Go Back to 2000.

No One is Teaching Skills, No One Literally No One is Ready to Invest His/Her Money to Educate Our Youths and Bring the Innovation to World.

On the other Side This TIKTOK Youth is Not Ready to Understand There is Far More Better Things Then Just This Entertainment Industry.

This Social Media is Consuming Time of Our Youth and Amazing Energy They Have is Just Being Waster in Stupid Concerns.

Yes, there are Some People Working Harder to Awake this Nation but Sadly They Are Very Limited and Their Voices are Not So Much Vocal.

It’s Seriously Sad to See Such a Beautiful Nation Heading Backward.

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