Disadvantages of Smartphone

Disadvantages of smartphone


1st:- Bad To Eye Sight Even Can Lead To Total Blindness:

We should agree that smartphones Are quite bad for Our eyes remember when our mothers would say That stop watching Too much TV. well that was past but Nowadays Smartphones Are worst then TV as Studies Have shown that smartphones Are Know a part of our everyday life. Studies say that men and women can not live without touching their phone for a minute and some cases from around the world it have shown that it can even take your eye sight forever.


2nd:- Bad For Spinal Cord:

Smartphones as they are Bad for our eye sight they are also bad for our posture as its proven that most of the people Hold there Phone and at 35 degree mean that we hold our Face yo the smartphone not the smartphone toward our face which can bend our Bones of the Neck. So from Know the Golden rule of a good posture is to hold the phone toward your Face mean to keep your Neck at 90 degree position


3rd:- Prevent Wrinkles On Your Face:

Its bit Hard to believe that smartphones can prevent wrinkles on your face as study say that the rays which are released from the front camera of the Phone can prevent Wrinkles on your face. So from Know on No selfies selfie Lovers


4th:- Distraction Creator:

Smartphones Can make distractions as smartphones mostly are attached to our body so a small notification can make a huge distraction while your studying or making a project so They best way to reduce distractions is to Switch Off your smartphone


5th:- Can Make You Depressed:

When you use Your smartphone you also use social media For  intersection And making your self famous amongst other people But the same social media can give you several Depression as you step in a Gigantic Race of people and a small jump in your social media game can give you a Big Depression I don’t say that don’t use social media as it is a way to be connected to the world but don’t step in the race of social media


6th:- Can Finish Your Monthly Budget:

Smartphones Can finish your monthly budget. Know a days every one want The latest apple and the flagship smartphone of the year but smartphones aren’t cheap nor the data plans are You can adjust with a $100 dollar smartphone it’s not necessary that you should have the a High end speed phone With high end processor even the low end specs Can also do the same


7th:- Can Leak Your Privacy:

Smartphones can leak your privacy as your phone can are attached your privacy a lot as your phone  have your location data,emails,contact details, and even the pictures you liked our the videos you watched or even the adds you received . a hacker can get everything out of your smartphone Yeah it’s true


Note :

We don’t suggests you To live in stone age but simply use your smart phone less…..



Muhammad Ismail


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