Top 7 Best Business You can Start Tomorrow!


1st Networking Services: – Organize Networking Events and mixers.

What you Need:  Phone, Computer and Database Software.

Fees:  Event Admission.

Hidden Costs: List Rental Fees and Insurance.


2ND Health & Fitness Centers: – Develop and manage fitness centers for corporations at a competitive price.

What you Need: Space, Equipment

Monthly Retainers: $3,000-$5,000 per month

Costs: Equipment Maintenance, Insurance


3rd Graffiti Removal: – Call on property owners and get scrubbing.

What you need: Cleaning Chemicals, Scrub brushes, Power washers.

Fees: $150-$300 per job or $50 per hour.

Hidden Costs: Vehicle for equipment transport


4th Nanny Services: – Place nannies with families that hire your service.

What you Need: Office, advertising materials.

Fees: $7-18 per hour per child or weekly/monthly rates of $275/$800.

Hidden Costs: Liability insurance, worker’s comp


5th Career Counseling: – Begin with a personality assessment and match your client’s interests to a career.

What you Need: Computer, fax/printer, office software, career-centric books & DVDs.

Fees: $85-$200 per hour flat fee

Hidden Costs: Professional Website


6th Mobile Paper-Shredding:Bring shredding machines to regular on-site jobs to help avoid identity theft.

What you need: Truck or van, heavy-duty shredding machines, plastic bags.

Fees: $50-$100 per visit

Hidden Costs: Vehicle maintenance and repair


7th Pet Taxi Service: – Help get Fido to the vet when his owner can’t.

What you need: Travel cages, large vehicle

Fees: $30-$45 one way, depending on distance

Hidden Costs: Janitorial supplies for pet messes.


Kyle Hamilton


Sean Stonefield




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