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Apple Releases New iPad, FaceID Ads

Apple has successfully releases their handful of new ads which is promoting the iPad’s portability and convenience over both laptops and the traditional paper solutions.

The 15 second ads which focus on how the iPad can make even the most tedious things travel, notes, paperwork, and makes things bit easier.

Three out of the four spots which shows the sixth generation iPad, which as revealed at the Apple’s education even in the March, and that it offers the lower cost $329 in the U.S option and of course with the pencil support.

The ads were released on the Apple’s international Youtube Channel (UAE, United Kingdom and Singapore).

The follows the another 90-second ad which released yesterday, focusing on the FaceID specifically.

The commercial shows a man who remember the banking password he created earlier that morning. He struggles for an amount of time before realizing that he can actually access the banking app via FaceID.

There are some speculations about the FaceIDwhich may be incorporated into some of the upcoming models of iPad, though we will have to wait until the Apple’s next event (September) to find out for sure.

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