#BLASPHEMY: Blasphemy = Holocaust

Raise a single question at holocaust and you will be smashed to earth or put behind bars by the very people who talk about human rights.

Indians kill Muslims for slaughtering just an animal in India.

Burmese burn Muslims for they consider them threat to their religion and region.

Chinese have put Muslims in concentration camps and treat them like dogs and insult their religious books infront of them.

People organize events like BURN QURAN DAY or events against Prophet Muhammad PBUH

In presence of such western dominated print and electronic media, where human rights have become a copyright for the West only, and courts have become bitches of riches, it becomes utmost important that Muslims around the world should gather and unite to defend all attacks against the religion.

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Blasphemy is not mere an abuse or mental instability but gradual mind programming attempts by the West to keep testing the reaction of Muslims.

Due to cowardice of Muslim scholars outside Pakistan, Qadyanis who re-invented their own Islam and damaged the very foundation of Islam by organizing huge crowd gatherings and brainwash young liberal minds daily on electronic broadcast, it has become important to take law in your hands when as soon as the law of land tries to interfere in the affairs of the religion.

Pakistan’s constitution or any other country’s constitution equals garbage as soon as a blasphemous crime on land is exempted by attributing it to mental instability.


Those people who have not studied Islam properly or have instead studied the sugar coated (western friendly) version of the Islam only (that enslaves one to become a slave to the state and it’s constitution and might on earth, instead of Allah), will never understand how blasphemy eats Islam if given a chance like locust destroys a farm.

After courts have failed to give strict punishments to both blasphemists and paedophiles, it then forces a society to do justice in streets or even inside courts.

I know many liberal Muslims consider it barbaric or extremism but far extremism are porn videos of Jesus a.s which is widely circulating in West because they never respected Jesus like Muslims do. But when it comes to Muhammad PBUH, a Muslim can bypass all laws on earth just like a jew can bypass it for holocaust.

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Just like liberals who keep their mouths shut when bombs are thrown on Palestinians, Syrians, Yemenis, or Afghanis, must also keep their mouth shut when a religious matter associated to Islam is trending.

#NOTE: Islam is not just a religion of peace but of dignity, honor and liberty First.

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