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Businesses in Arkansas Hit with Ransomware

According to the news KARK, local businesses in Conway, Arkansas, have got hit with ransomware attack. Some of these businesses have lost around thousands of dollars.

Companies that were attacked by ransomware doesn’t want to go public, but the local news KARK which is reporting that multiple files were been successfully encrypted by the malicious attackers who are demanding a ransom with exchange for returned files. Meanwhile, Brian Fletcher, the owner of Fixed by Fletcher, a local IT company, were speaking to help other prevent or recover from these attacks.

One of the Fletcher’s customers, whom he denied to identify, was down for few days after being fallen as a victim to an attack despite efforts to recover documents from its four backups.

“Another week, another ransomware attack hitting the headlines,” said Caroline Seymour, director of product marketing at Zerto. “This time it is a geographically focused series of attack in Conway, Arkansas.”

“Like many other in a recent analyst study that was determined that 50% of surveyed organizations have suffered an unrecoverable data event in the last three years, companies in Conway are grappling with paying the ransom or losing valuable data.”

The FBI encourages the victims hit by ransomware attacks to not pay the attackers, according to KARK, but sometimes the businesses have no other choice. If companies has multiple backups can help them to recover their files easily, but it is also very essential that one of your backup should not be connected to the internet, otherwise, that may face attacks.

“Regrettably, prevention of these attacks is not always possible, but diminishing the threat is. Taking a more dynamic, modern approach to business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) is critical to this. Solutions utilizing continuous data protection and hybrid cloud DR can help organizations like those in Conway better their IT infrastructures and achieve IT Resilience—so that downtime of more than mere seconds become a thing of the past— and towns like Conway won’t find themselves in the news,” Seymour said.

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