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Cyber Security Salaries Rise 6% in One Year

It’s good news for cybersecurity professionals that their salaries have now risen by 6% in just one year, which doubles the national average of 2.9% according to Acumin Consulting latest annual Salary Survey.

The firm has analyzed 56 keys for cybersecurity positions across its database of the end users, system integrator, consultancies and the public sector divisions to provide a holistic view of the salaries across the organization type and the role seniority.’

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Acumin’s findings have revealed that the execution and the compliance roles saw a huge increases of (20%) in the last year, with the security analysts which is also benefiting from an average salary rise of over 13%. While the application security specialists and the product director saw their wages up two percent.

“Our 2018 Salary Survey provides a snapshot of the issues that have been driving boardroom agendas this year, namely data protection regulation and user education,” said Simon Hember, group business development director at Acumin. “With the pressure brought down on organizations by the GDPR, professionals with the skills in compliance and process are commanding record salaries.”

However, it does now appear that the public is failing to meet the salaries being offered by the private sector organizations.

“Opportunities for the security professionals in the public sector should be booming, especially given the government’s commitment to the National Cyber Security Strategy and GCHQ’s recent drive to recruit 2000 roles to deal with the threat of nation state actors,” Hember added. “However, it ‘s no surprise that the public sector is struggling to offer the salaries, and attractive packages that can be offered by the private sector organizations or indeed well-funded security start-ups.”

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