I have talked with dozens of executives, engineers & salespeople. Who have developed career trouble because their companies want to move them to another locations simply but they don’t to go. “ I just can’t see moving to Chicago ( or San Francisco or Atlanta or New York) is a remark spoken many times a day.

There’s one way to build enthusiasm towards a new location, simply resolve to dig into new community learn all you can about it. Mix with people. Make yourself feel & think like a community citizen from the very first day. Do this, & you will be enthusiastic about your new environment.

“To get enthusiasm about anything – People – Places – Things – Dig into it deeper”.

“To get enthusiastic, learn more about the thing you are not enthusiastic about”.

“To activate others, to get them to be enthusiastic you must first be enthusiastic yourself”.

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From Book: – The Magic of Thinking Big
Author of Book: – David Schwartz PHD

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