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Google Assistant Can Now Do Things Automatically at a Scheduled Time

Google has announced two latest features for Google Assistant: Custom routines and Schedules — both which focuses on automating things you do regularly, but in very different ways.

The first which lets you trigger the multiple command with just a single custom phrase — like saying “Hey Google, I am awake” to unsilence your mobile phone, turn on the lights and read the news.
Schedules, meanwhile, which can trigger series of commands at a very specific time on specific days, without needing you to say a thing.

The custom routine just launched immediately the very after I/O, which is starting to roll out just today.

The first noticed by DroidLife, which looks like scheduling has starting rolling out to the users by the way of Google Home app.

How To Make a Schedule:

  • Open the Google Home app.
  • Go to Settings > Routines.
  • Create a New Routine with the + Button.
  • Scroll to the “Set a time and day” Option to schedule things ahead of the time.

If you were not able to see the “time and day” option yet, please do check back that in a day or two. Actually Google is rolling it out over the next few days (generally it has been done but due to the some bug that were missed), so it might pop up without much fanfare.

Do you want your bedroom lights to turn on every single morning at 7 am on workdays? You can actually do that easily.

Do you want the song from the Six Flags commercials that could play every day at noon to get you over the hump or drive you roommates up a wall? Sure!

Do you want to check your door lock, dim the downstairs lights and make sure your entertainment center if off at 2 am? If you got all the smart home hardware setup in your home, it should be able to handle all the things just described here.

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