Investment in Pakistan 2019: Basic Guide to Making Money

In this small piece of post we are going to be discussing about the best investment opportunities in Pakistan according to 2019, it’s going to be the basic guide to making or multiplying your money.

Now, I must suggest you before going into deeper, that this post is not going to discuss things like mutual funds, bonds, or things which are less risky and low in returns.

I am going to be discussing things like Real Estate, Technology, E-Commerce, Software Development & Web Development Services, which could be all related to Technology, Why Am I Forcing Technology So Much? It’s because the future is technology, if you don’t adopt it soon, you will be never going to make more money in life.

Communication: Now if you are a student or a businessman who has couple hundred thousand dollars which could be lacs into Pakistani currency, and you want to invest them into any business or anything that you are interest, you must have a good communication skills and a network with hundreds of people so that they can suggest you better and learn from them but always follow your own path, when you sit with them and learn things from them you are probably going to get a lot of knowledge which could help you in best investment opportunities.

If you have money and you don’t have communication skills or you really don’t know how to communicate with people that is a major issue to point it out. You really need to change that as soon as possible.

 The more people you meet the more ideas you are going to get regarding business, investing in things which you really don’t know about, and you will probably get to know about these all things from the people that you know. Sometimes these people you meet are the people who are going to make you multi millionaire, because sometimes these people would have an amazing world changing idea but don’t have money to start, you can rise money and get shares from their companies and investment in their business which could make you hundred times more richer than by investing in things like mutual funds, bonds etc.

Now if want to start with real estate I ought to suggest you all that you probably have a strong communications with people like real estate agents, brokers. I am not targeting people who are very less rich and has nothing done in life, I am pointing you to those people who has created wealth and has a lot of properties and investments, you should pay them high but these guys will make you multi-millionaire it’s because they know the rules of multiplying your money.

Real Estate: If you are a person who has a good amount of money in the bank and you are getting paid on a monthly basis, and getting around $2k to $10k per month, and you have cash flow, you need to invest in real estate around 90 percent or more of the millionaires have turned into multi-millionaire or billionaire by real estate.

Now in real estate there are tons of things to follow, If you are a new into real estate, I suggest you to read some of the books on real estate or go for The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, who will teach you everything about investment.

You the biggest investment you can ever make is the investment into yourself.

You need to read as many books as you can and watch as many video tutorials as many you can, it’s all free you can get them from YouTube or Google just for free and learn them all free.

And secondly, if you are little Pro in these, I suggest you make a good communication with people like wealthy Real Estate Agents and Brokers, who are going to really make you into good investment opportunities and help you easily turn your $5k into Millions.

E-Commerce: E-Commerce is the future, everyone these days are purchasing things online. We can really take an advantage of this huge opportunity, if you are a tech person, you really need to invest in E-Commerce, you just need to have few smart people into your team and get started your e-commerce business.

I have meet a lot of rich people in my city but the issues with these guys is they are not enough educated and don’t really know about technology, what I suggest you that it’s not yet very late to start e-commerce business, you can easily target a specific product and doing a digital marketing on them, if you don’t really know about e-commerce web development, digital marketing etc, you can easily contact JahaSoft to help you build a stunning e-commerce store for you.

Software House: If you have a lot of money and wanting to invest into technology, I suggest you go for Software house, you just need to have a building and couple of team members, and few rooms for team, and provide the tech related services, these days digital marketing services are very popular and they are easily being delivered to people, you just need to have smart team into your company to help your company grow faster via digital marketing, seo and other techniques.

If you think you are the best person in the company and has enough knowledge then anyone in the company, I suggest you to hire everyone much smarter then you, because these will be the people with the smart ideas to make your company into a billion dollar.

You can easily provide services not only in your city or country but worldwide, it’s because the website the online presence can help you get clients from anywhere in the world.

The services could be anything like: Software Development, Digital Marketing, Web Hosting, Web Development & Designing, Android App Development, iOS App Development, Desktop App Development, Web App Development and Domain Registration Services and many others which I probably missed.

Invest in Companies: There are a lot of people in the world, who are for sure very smart and intelligent what they do, but they don’t have enough opportunities to create their own brand or company, you can invest in them, and if the company worth million or billion dollars so do your investment or shares grow.

All the richest people are investing into startups, which are solving the society issues and every company which worth billions are the companies which have successfully solved the issues of people.

I suggest you again to have a good communications with everyone.

If you have any question regarding investment or you want to invest, let me know in the comment section below, I am very glad to reply you all regarding any help that you need.

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