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Misconceptions About Incognito Mode

Study Shows Misconceptions Regarding Incognito & Private Mode: The researchers from the University of Chicago have found out that there is a lot of misconception regarding incognito mode among the users.

Many of which the users thing that their employers or the ISPs would not be able to check out their data and of course many of those users also think that browsing in the private mode would protect them from viruses and malware.

The University has successfully published their results which includes almost 450 subjects that are aimed to answering the questions about the incognito mode and as well as the private mode in the browser.

If you don’t know how the private and incognito mode works actually the browser do suggest you to use the incognito tab so that you will stay anonymous online but that is not the case here.

Google Chrome which of course says that they won’t collect your browsing history, cookies and the site data for more information entered into the forms but as well as its will not hide your history from the ISPs and employers.

Below is the list of misconceptions that were noted during the research study:

  • “46.5% of subjects ‘thought bookmarks saved in private mode would not continue in later sessions,’ when they actually do.
  • “40.2% of subjects thought websites would not be able to determine a user’s location,” while in private mode. You can make it harder to estimate your location if you use a VPN.
  • “27.1% of subjects considered private mode offered more protection against viruses and malware than standard [mode.]” This is a misconception since any files you download and open on your computer could still be affected with malware or viruses.
  • “22.0%, 37.0%, and 22.6% of participants falsely believed that ISPs, employers, and the government would be unable to track them when they used private mode.” If you’re on someone’s network, chances are they can see what you’re doing.

Above than the 56.3% of the subjects which thought that it would hide your search history in the private mode but the Google will still log the user’s search and also save the code of that query.

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