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Facebook Reportedly Hires AI Chip Head From Google

Facebook is for sure continuing to more resources on to the development of AI-focused chips, which is why they are bringing the senior director of engineering from Google who worked on chips for Google’s products to lead its efforts, Bloomberg reports.

We have reached out to the Google and Facebook for its confirmation.

Shahriar Rabii who spent almost seven years at Google before joining the Facebook this month as its VP and the Head of Silicon according to his LinkedIn profile.

The Facebook works on AI-focused custom silicon has been the topic of rumors and reports over the last few months. It’s of course very bold direction for the company, though it’s very unclear that how much does the Facebook is in creating the custom silicon for the consumer devices or if they are more focused on building their server business as they also look to accelerate their own research efforts.

Rabii who worked at Google seemed to encompass a good deal of work on the chips for their consumers device, specially who worked on the Pixel 2’s Visual Core chip, which brought the machine learning intelligence to the device’s camera.

Facebook has ambitions to long hardware, but they are building 8 hardware division which appears to be closer than ever to shipping the first products of the company’s rumored work on an Echo Show competitor of course touchscreen smart speaker and which continues.

Meanwhile, the Facwebook has continue to build the virtual realities hardware which is built on Qualcomm’s mobile chipsets.

As one of the Silicon Valley’s top tech companies continue to compete the aggressive for talent amongst the artificially intelligence experts, which marks another departure from the Google, which was earlier this year.

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