YouTube Launches New Tool For Finding and Removing Unauthorized Re-Uploads

Re-uploading videos on YouTube is a favorite scammy channel that gets profit from other people’s hard work. The Copyright owners have already many ways to protect their content, but Today, they are introducing a new tool that automatically scans every single new videos that are uploaded to check whether the re-upload of an existing one or “very similar” to a video that is already on YouTube.

It’s worth nothing that this very new tool, dubbed “copyright match,” won’t work for clips, it only works for full videos on YouTube.

YouTube has also stated that it’s really important for the creator that he is the first person to upload the video because the time of the upload is how when it shows the matches.

Whenever the tool finds a match content which is uploaded by another individual, he or she has the authority to what they choose to do with that.

The option here is doing or not doing anything but feeling flattered that someone would care about your mediocre cat videos, it’s just upon you to chat with that person to remove it or ask YouTube to remove the offending video (which is probably what the majority of the people will go for).

The Copyright Match Tool in Action

Now a lot of people might sound like YouTube’s existing Content ID program, and while it uses the very same technology underneath, the company has stated that this new tool is explicit meant to recognize the unauthorized re-uploads.

Content ID, however, is meant only for the copyright owners of music, and of course the music videos, trailers and recordings of performances.

Starting next week, this new copyright match tool will be out to all the creators with more than 100,000 subscribers. The company also says that they will roll it to a wider base of the users over the very next few months.

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