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The new york university was established in 1831, by Albert Gallatin. He was the secretary of the treasury under the presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

The primary campus of this university is at Green Village, while the other campuses are throughout the new york city.

It is one of the largest private universities in America, and thousands of famous personalities and other students graduated or studying at the University.

In early 1830, a three-day long convention was held in the city where around 100 delegates met and plan to start a university in the new york state which gave admissions on merit basis.

On April 18, 1831, the institution was established under different support group members and permanent residents of new york city including bankers, merchants, and traders. Albert Gallatin was the first president selected.

In 1832, the proper classes were started from the rented rooms of four-story Clinton Hall, situated near City Hall.

There is a lot of other historical information you can read online.

University Facts

There are three-degree awarding campuses of NYU in different countries including new york, Shanghai, and Abu Dhabi.

More than ten academic centers in different locations including,  Accra, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Florence, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Sydney, Tel Aviv, and Washington, D.C.

According to the US World News and report, and THE World University rankings, NYU is among the top 30 universities in the world.

According to the NYU official Website,

Great cities are engines of creativity, and New York University takes its name and spirit from one of the busiest, most diverse and dynamic cities of all. The University lives within New York and other great cities, from Abu Dhabi to Shanghai, Paris to Prague, Sydney to Buenos Aires—all magnets for talented, ambitious people.

Global Admission Statistics


There are more than 4000 courses available in undergraduate, graduate and other programs in all the campuses of NYU. There are around 50,000 students studying these courses.

There are also financial aid programs, and online classes option available for the students who want to pursue an education in NYU but couldn’t afford to come or study.

Notable Alumni

Angelina JolieLady GagaAnne HathawayAdam Sandler, Martin ScorseseAlec BaldwinJack Dorsey.

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