Biography and Success Story of Salim Ghauri

Mr. Salim Ghauri is a recognized IT entrepreneur today. He is the founder and CEO of NetSol Technologies since1996.

The thrust of entrepreneurship has started with the expertise he developed at Saudi Arabia and Australia and working abroad had forced him to feel about the need of skills that can contribute in Pakistan IT sector. This thinking is no doubt a patriotism found by Mr. Salim Ghori and he started an IT company “NetSol Technologies”. The only CMMI level 5 organization in the country is the major accomplishment of Saleem Ghauri.

Success of Mr Saleem Ghauri

The company he owned is one of leading supplier globally that is generating software and solutions of Finance and leasing. 90% percent of the Chinese Auto leasing Market captures by this company. The company is also recognized as First rate and best-selling finance and leasing solution provider for three consecutive year in China on 17th June 2015. He also grasps an award of “Best Financial Industry application in 2007. His commitment and dedicated leadership gained heavy value for NetSol becoming the first and only Pakistani company trading on NASDAQ since 1999.

He was called by the Prime ministers and presidents of Pakistan various times for his valuable contributions in the IT sector of Pakistan.

Not only the government but also the other mainstream IT hubs and software assets recognize him as the top-notch contributor and also a leading IT contributor. He was also a former Chairman of Pakistan Software House Association for IT and ITES (P@sha).

High esteemed organization and institution invites him for the entrepreneurship sessions as well. There are a lot of more achievements he received on different occasion all around the world. He is also passionate about working hand in hand with the people of Pakistan to give back something to this nation in the IT and Business Sector. He is also an advisor on the board at Shahid Afridi Foundation, Board member at Punjab Population innovation fund-PFF, Member board of Governor’s at FCCU Lahore, worked at NETSOL technologies Americas, Inc and also worked at BHP steel Wollongong.

People Like Saleem Ghauri are the hope for IT sector and we wish him all the best for his future projects and sessions and prays for other young talent to be hard working and dedicated like Saleem Ghauri.

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