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Local Artist Created a Portrait of Quaid-e-azam from One Rupee Coin

Local Artist Create a Portrait of Quaid-e-azam from One Rupee Coin

A local young and talented artist from Karachi creates something extraordinary which will make you a proud and patriotic Pakistani. The artist who is from Karachi is very fond of working on different mediums of art. With this passion and continuation, he created a portrait of the founder of Pakistan from Pakistani 1 rupee coins. Making of some portraits and …

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WhatsApp is Shutting down 2M accounts for Spreading Fake News

whatsapp shuttingdown 2 million accounts

Whatsapp is a popular messaging service in the world, which is owned by Facebook. The messaging service provider Whatsapp has announced on 6th February about stopping fake and abusive accounts. The decision was discussed in a press conference held in New Delhi. Following the upcoming elections in India, WhatsApp is planning to implement measures for avoiding controversy. India has some …

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Punjab Govt is Introducing Microsoft and Google Courses for School Students

punjab govt introducting microsoft and google courses

The Education Minister of Punjab Govt, Murad Raas, says that they are introducing Soft Skills courses of the multi-national IT companies Google and Microsoft for High School Students. He further mentioned that he is in contact with Google and Microsoft for this decision. Both of the companies are also expected to visiting Pakistan this year for the first time in …

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Basant in Pakistan 2019 – 2020 [Basant Kite Festival]

basant in pakistan

Basant is a traditional word used by the Indian and Pakistani. It’s a kite festival which is celebrated by both of the countries at the end of January or the starting of February, every year. Basant was first introduced by the Maharaja Ranjit Singh, In the 90s, he holds an event and introduced the kite flying as a regular feature. …

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Essay on Pakistan Day Celebration 23rd March [.pdf]

Essay on Pakistan Day Celebration 23rd March

Subcontinent, which in the early 90s were included with both Hindus and Muslims. In general, both of the religious communities lived together but due to the cultural, religious perspective, they both differ. Britain along with Hindus put the Muslims so behind in any aspect of life. There was a time when Muslims faced different hurdles, due to their religion. Those were the times …

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Labor Day History [International Labor Day in Pakistan]

labor day in pakistan

The Labor Day was started in the late 19th century, as the union of trade and labor movements occurred, the unionist thought about a day that would set aside especially for the labors to celebrate, and they named it as “Labor Day”. Those workers who have contributed with the strength, prosperity, laws, and well-being of the country, this day honor …

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Artificial Intelligence Future Scope and Jobs [2019 – 2020]

Artificial Intelligence

Best Definition of Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence is the part of a computer which is designed by humans so a computer could take actions or decisions according to their experiences. Artificial intelligence mainly focuses on a large amount of data; the machine gets all of the data and with its experience tracks the best out of the data. It means …

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History of April Fools in Islam [2019 – 2020]

april fools in islam

Origin of April fool This day is celebrated by people across the world on 1st April, every year. It is the day when you are allowed to mercilessly prank your friends, family members, and co-workers. Most of the people celebrate this day but they don’t even sure what started the celebration of April Fool’s Day. The references can be found …

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