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Google AdSense: Western Union Payment Can No Longer Be Available in Pakistan

Western union will be no longer be available when choosing your form of payment in Pakistani Google AdSense Account.

What’s the Alternatives?

A recent news come out by Google regarding western union and most of the Pakistani Youtubers and Bloggers are worried, because the only easy method of receiving payments in Pakistan is western union.

Western Union Pakistan

What’s Alternative of Western Union?

The alternative of western union in Pakistan is Banks. So, here comes the question which bank is best? I previously wrote an article on “Which Bank is Best to Receive Payments Online in Pakistan (Google AdSense ETC)” Do read and learn to everything about banks.

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Countries Where WU is Available

Payment by Western Union Quick Cash is currently available in the following countries and areas:

Country Payment currency Single payment limit Can payments over the limit be split?
Algeria EUR 3000 EUR Yes
Argentina USD 7500 USD Yes
Bahrain EUR 7000 EUR Yes
Barbados USD 10000 USD Yes
Benin EUR 2000 EUR Yes
Bolivia USD 10000 USD Yes
Bulgaria EUR 7000 EUR Yes
Burkina Faso EUR 2800 EUR Yes
Cambodia USD 10000 USD Yes
Cameroon EUR 2800 EUR Yes
China (Mainland) USD 10000 USD Yes
Colombia USD 6500 USD Yes
Costa Rica USD 10000 USD Yes
Côte d’Ivoire EUR 6000 EUR Yes
Croatia EUR 7000 EUR Yes
Dominican Republic USD 10000 USD Yes
Ecuador USD 6000 USD Yes
Egypt USD 5000 USD Yes
Ethiopia EUR 2500 EUR Yes
Gambia EUR 3500 EUR Yes
Georgia EUR 7000 EUR Yes
Ghana EUR / USD 5000 EUR / 2000 USD EUR only
Guadeloupe USD 7000 USD Yes
Guatemala USD 10000 USD Yes
Iceland EUR 10000 EUR Yes
Jamaica USD 8000 USD Yes
Kenya EUR 7000 EUR Yes
Kuwait EUR 7000 EUR Yes
Laos USD 10000 USD Yes
Latvia EUR 7000 EUR Yes
Libya EUR 700 EUR Yes
Lithuania EUR 7000 EUR Yes
Madagascar EUR 3300 EUR Yes
Malaysia USD 2700 USD No
Malta EUR 7000 EUR Yes
Mauritius EUR 7000 EUR Yes
Moldova EUR / USD 7000 EUR / 2000 USD EUR only
Mozambique EUR 7000 EUR Yes
Nepal USD 10000 USD Yes
Nicaragua USD 10000 USD Yes
Oman EUR/USD 7000 EUR / 7500 USD Yes
Pakistan USD 5000 USD No
Palestine EUR/USD 7000 EUR / 2000 USD EUR only
Panama USD 10000 USD Yes
Paraguay USD 10000 USD Yes
Philippines USD 5000 USD No
Puerto Rico USD 10000 USD Yes
Qatar EUR/USD 7000 EUR / 2000 USD EUR only
Réunion Island EUR 7600 EUR Yes
Romania EUR 3500 EUR Yes
Saudi Arabia USD 2500 USD Yes
Senegal EUR 400 EUR Yes
Seychelles EUR 7000 EUR Yes
Slovenia EUR 4500 EUR Yes
Taiwan USD 5000 USD No
Tanzania EUR/USD 7000 EUR / 2000 USD EUR only
Thailand USD 5000 USD No
Uganda EUR/USD 7000 EUR / 2000 USD EUR only
Vietnam USD 4000 USD No
Virgin Islands (British) USD 7500 USD Yes
Yemen EUR 1500 EUR Yes
Zambia EUR 600 EUR Yes
Note: We might offer WU to other countries in the future.

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