Is College Worth It

Is College Worth It: Is college worth it, should you drop out of college, should you continue. These are the questions that are asked a lot specially from young people.

Well, it really depends upon your goals, where you want to be in the life. If your goal is to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, professional and accountant then college is absolutely necessary for you. It is because you are not going to get a job, without that piece of paper, that’s what companies want to see you right. They want to see that piece of paper that is called, “Diploma, Certificate, Degree,”

However, If your goal is to be an entrepreneur then you probably find less value in College unless in a very very good schools, where I am talking about Harvard & Stanford Universities. I not am recommending that for education but for the Network. Who you truly surround yourself with as they graduate, when they go into the real world. You really don’t know who you really are. That body you meet in the college or in the university, he might turn out the CEO of a big company. You Never Know.

So, Because of that that’s only the value but if you are not going to those schools to just stick for education then college itself is not design to teach you how to be financially successful. It is not design to teach you to be successful in real life even.

Because College and Universities are design only for 1 thing, do you know what that 1 thing is? That is to Create Employees. If you study the history of education, how it was created, there is multi billion dollars industries is to create workers. If you go back to the companies who were growing and what they found out was that we don’t have enough workers. We don’t have enough employees. We need to create a system that could produce and create infinite amount of workers that will work within our companies that is how school system is created.

It is design to lock you up in a job, it is design to keep you in just one place.

You go to school, guess what they teach you, the student debt and after you graduate you will get a job and then what you do is climb that cop of leader and after whatever 10 or 20 years. If you are good you might move into like a middle management position that is what if you don’t get downsize and the company don’t go out of business. Or with a little bit luck then what you may be 65 years old you retire with little bit of money little bit of pension. That’s how the entire system is design to do. It’s design to keep you following this path.

What I am saying is this; instead asking Is College Worth It? Yes, you may learn some basic skills, you learn to communicate, and you learn something basic about everything. That’s OKAY.

I think the way I see, is that College is Not Enough. I think that’s why I am saying. If you think by having that piece of Certificate, Diploma or Degree you are guarantee success that’s fuck**g delusional.

If you think that after graduating that’s all you’re learning that you need to do. Hey, I work hard. I work hard for 4 or 5 years in school. If you think that’s enough for you to be successful in life. That’s not just TRUE. You need way more, way more education. I am not talking about Formal Education.

Formal Education (Makes You A Living).

Self Education (Makes You A Fortune).

Well, I don’t have a formal education but I have a lot a lot of self education. I have read a lot of self educational books, and watch thousands of hours of videos lectures. I have learned from a lot of people. I have learned a lot from my own mistakes.

Well, Formal Education is Fine but that’s the basics. That’s like kindergarten. What you need is a Self Education.

The Schools Starts After You Graduate

If you are in college, you better learn self education. And develop some skills. Money Management Skills, Closing Skills, People Skills. These are the skills if you develop in college guess what you have an edge over everyone. It’s because you are a head of everyone. That’s what I am saying.

Dan Lok Professional Businessman & Multi-Millionaire

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